Introduction to Android  Hacking


Introduction to Android  Hacking

Android  Hacking makes perfect sense because of the rise of smartphones and other mobile devices for online transactions and connecting with others. Since mobile devices are hubs of personal information that are easier to access compared to personal computers, they are among the most vulnerable devices for hackers.

  • Why should you hack mobile devices? Different types of mobile device hacks allow you to do the following:
  1.  Know the location of a target through installed GPS service or cell ID tracking.
  2.  Access emails and record phone conversations
  3.  Know the target’s internet browsing behavior
  4.  View all contents stored in the device, including photos
  5.  Send remote instructions to the mobile device
  6.  Use it to send spoofed messages or calls

If you think like a hacker, you will realize that one of the easiest ways to get into several mobile devices
and set up a shop there is to create a mobile app.

Mobile app hacking is among the fastest ways to infiltrate a mobile device system since it is easy to upload a malicious app online and make it possible for people to download the hack, without even thinking if they should examine their download or not.

Mobile apps are also considered as “low-hanging fruit.” Most mobile apps can be directly accessed through their binary codes or the code that mobile devices need in order to execute the app. That means that everyone who has their hands on marketed hacking tools is able to exploit available mobile apps and turn them into hacking tools. Once hackers are able to compromise a mobile app, they will be able to perform the initial compromise within minutes.



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