Top 10 Intelligence agencies of the world

Top 10 Intelligence agencies of the world

CIA – America
Formed: September 18, 1947
Agency executive: Leon Panetta, Director
Parent agency: Central Intelligence Group

M1-6 – United Kingdom
Formed: 1909 as the Secret Service Bureau
Jurisdiction: Government of the United Kingdom
Headquarters: Vauxhall Cross, London
Agency executive: Sir John Sawers KCMG, Director-General
Parent agency: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

ISI – Pakistan
Formed: 1948
Jurisdiction: Government of Pakistan
Headquarters: Islamabad, Pakistan

Mossad – Israel
Formed: December 13, 1949, as the Central Institute for Coordination
Agency executive: Meir Dagan, Director
Parent agency: Office of the Prime Minister

MSS – China
Jurisdiction: People’s Republic of China
Headquarters: Beijing
Agency executive: Geng Huichang, Minister of State Security
Parent agency: State Council

BND – Germany
Formed: 1 April 1956
Agency executive: Gehlen Organization
Parent agency: Central Intelligence Group

FSB – Russia
Formed : 3 April 1995
Headquarters: Lubyanka Square
Preceding agency: KGB

DGSE – France
Formed: April 2, 1982
Preceding agency: External Documentation and Counter-Espionage Service
Minister responsible: Hervé Morin, Minister of Defence
Agency executive: Erard Corbin de Mangoux, Director

RAW – India
Formed: 21 September 1968
Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Agency executive: K. C. Verma, Secretary (R)
Parent agency: Prime Minister’s Office, GoI

ASIS – Australia
Formed: 13 May 1952
Headquarters: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Minister responsible: The Hon. Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs
Agency executive: Nick Warner, Director-General

Top 10 Intelligence agencies of the world





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